Traditional Peruvian craft. 


Modern manufacturing.



Working with over 1,000 expert knitters in and around Lima, we produce high end knitwear for responsible brands.


Quality that Scales

One of our biggest strengths is being able to produce super specialized, handnknit pieces on a large scale with impeccable quality. 

We do full audits of all our productions rather than using AQL standards and our constant follow up and internal protocol ensure all pieces follow the tech packs. 

Responsible Practices

Green Design Link believes in honest production and partnering with our artisans to empower them. We take transparent communication seriously and offer modern practices to offer our clients best in class services. 

Best in Class Materials

Peru has some of the best natural fibers in the world, like alpaca and pima cotton. Others, such as merino wool and cashmere, are easily imported, making a variety of blends available from our premium local yarn suppliers. There are also various free trade agreements in place, meaning garments are usually duty free.

Stunning Techniques

This country has knitting in its blood. And our knitters often started their craft when they were just kiddos, so they've been honing their methods their whole lives. With our knowledge of the fashion industry and their ability, we make some really amazing things.



Consistent Communication

We work hard to ensure communication is thorough and we are experienced in troubleshooting problems as they arise. We communicate clearly with clients on dates (including the Peruvian holiday calendar), technical details, and projected timelines to ensure your collection comes to life with as least stress as possible.


Our Mission

To help brands create responsible clothing by establishing a sustainable supply chain, improving the impact we have as businesses and people.