Meet the team


At Green Design Link, it goes without saying that we work hard. Organizing hand work at the volumes we run and our standard for quality is no small feat. But we also believe in empowerment and teamwork - with both our staff and knitting partners - in addition to truly enjoying our work and creating the conditions that allow for that. This goes for our clients too. Life is short and so much of it we dedicate to work, so why not love what you do and, especially, who you get to work with? 

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Kelly Phenicie

Managing director, owner

Peru has been home now for the past 12 years. After globetrotting and studying at NYU, I worked in human rights and gender before settling in the textile industry, where I've been able to apply these concepts in a whole new way - finally finding the perfect medium for my passion for details, fashion and business done right. I'm married to a Peruvian and mom to a three-year old boy, and understand the complexities of working and living here, as well as being a mom entrepreneur. 




Production & Inventory

Meet (from left to right, top down): Roner, Yanet, Pablo, Andrea, Erika and Nilda

This group gets stuff done like nobody's business. Tackling dates and timelines, perfecting technical info and planning, and managing all raw materials and packing for high volume clients and independent brands.


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Accounting & Logistics

Meet Luis Felipe, Victor, Lesly, Jennetth, Silvia and Soriannys

These guys work all the magic with the numbers - no small feat since that includes keeping track of materials, invoices and tax info for over thirty knitting groups and all the documentation that goes with it. On top of that, we manage thousands of SKUs per year, from the technical details and "ingredients" of each one, to the way they have to be properly registered in export invoices and trade certificates.




Product Development

Meet Ivan, Olga and Señor Claudio

From initial inception to approved product, these knit industry veterans filter all technical details, organize them into Spanish in our own tech pack format, develop custom yarn colors and know how different fibers and qualities will react and what they require, can help mix techniques to meet target pricing or get the design just right, and ultimately mediate a conversation between the brand and the knitter that allows a style to be as successful as possible. 

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