Top-notch Materials


Luxury Fibers

Peru has some of the best natural fibers in the world, like baby alpaca and pima cotton. Other fibers, such as merino wool or cashmere, are easily imported and spun locally.  Yarns are available in countless thicknesses and blends, usually at 60kg minimums (20-30kg per color).


Did you know?

Alpaca is actually still a largely artesanal process, in which the fiber is obtained from hundreds of highland farmers. Then trained hands carefully sort the fiber by feel. Ever wonder what the difference between baby alpaca and alpaca is? Baby is not actually a baby animal, rather a finer version of the fiber, which often comes from certain areas of the animal's body that have had less exposure to the elements, from younger animals or the first sheer of the year.




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Hand Dyes

We have fine-tuned our processes to customize specialty yarn painting and executions to fit your every need. 

Standard, low-impact industrial dyes are also available, including heathers. Or, you can also opt for undyed yarn, as both cotton and alpaca are available in a variety of natural, earthy tones.



Plant Dyes

Peru is rich in natural, plant-based dyes, with history going back thousands of years. For example, Peru was one of the first countries to grow and cultivate the elusive cochineal insect, and modern dyeing methods still incorporate this special technique for some stunning results.

Beautiful, deep tones can be sought from pigments which do not harm the environment and add lots of value to the artisan supply chain.

We have searched hard to establish positive relationships with local artisanal dyers and pride ourselves on local and regional knowledge of techniques.



Undyed Yarn

The abundance of natural resources in Peru - the result of delicately balanced ecosystems - has created an array of incredible natural colors.

In alpaca alone, there are a whopping 22 shades, from dove grey through champagne to beige.  Furthermore, Peru boasts a variety of hues of its 'native cotton' (one of the oldest cotton species in the world), which comes in three main colors - coffee, cream and avocado.