This is what we call skills.  



A lot of what we produce is black belt skill level, so our knitters are the best of the best. About 70% of what we produce is hand made (either hand knit, crochet or on manual knitting machines). For industrial knits, we source with knitters and small family run workshops that have made big sacrifices and worked incredibly hard to invest in their own machinery.

We are incredibly proud of the people we work with. Their stories constantly inspire us to find new ways to share their skills with the world.

Impact & Sustainability

The mark we leave on the world and each other is of the utmost importance. We aim to always empower the people we work with and arm them with skills they will have forever.

Our practice involves working with knitting leaders that have formally set up their own small businesses. Each leader in turn has their own group of knitters or workshop. We handle all communications with clients, all purchases of raw materials and decide which group is the best fit for each style based on skill and timing. Then we separate and distribute materials according to each group, allowing the knitters to primarily focus on their craft. Leaders are responsible for keeping track of their materials, as well as monitoring dates and quality. We consistently check in to make sure progress looks good and assist knitters with any questions or difficulties.

We believe this approach reduces the risk that knitting groups have to take on, while still building their knowledge of basic business skills, such as proper documentation and payment of taxes.

We are currently undergoing the process of fair trade certification, together with our knitting groups. We will report back on our website as soon as we have more, exciting news.


As a way of having greater control over timing and quality, proximity has been a key factor in helping us build this service. As a result, all of our knitting leaders are based in and around Lima, though many are originally from other regions. The immigration from other Peruvian regions to the capital has created a culture referred to as "chicha," with bright colors to contrast Lima's grey skies and a shift from Andean traditions to more urban trends that has a distinctive voice and feel. In our photos, we aim to reflect that voice as a sign of pride in this city we call home and respect for the contexts of our knitters.


Knit with us 

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