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Need thousands of garments hand knit to spec? We can help.


Manufacturing and Production Capabilities:

One of our biggest strengths is being able to produce super specialized, handmade pieces on a large scale with impeccable quality. We do full audits of all our productions rather than using AQL standards and our constant follow up and internal protocol ensure all pieces follow the tech packs.


Yarn Consultation

Here in Peru there are lots of options to choose from. We can help you navigate the choices based on technical aspects such as lead times, minimums, care instructions, as well as aesthetics, such as drape, volume and hand feel. And of course price point.



Information is everything, and any production challenge can always be managed with clear and open channels of communication. Modern technology has also revolutionized the way we are able to organize information, so we use google drive, sheets, and online project management software to keep things clean.

From technical minutia to dates to production matters, we will always be in constant contact.





Product Development

The precursor to any production, this consists of receiving your specs, processing them and translating them into Spanish, finalizing yarns and techniques, and getting first protos made, reviewed by you, and incorporating your comments.

* Specs / TPs

* First protos in available yarn (2-3 weeks)

* Fit comments, corrections (1-2 weeks)

* Sales samples (45-120 days depending on yarn and quantity)

Production & Sourcing

By the time a PO is placed, all styles should be fully approved. To ensure quality, we always have knitters run a first round of product that we audit and sign off on before they proceed to the full order. We have a team of carefully trained full-time auditors that consistently visit each knitting group to review progress and quality. Then when the order is finished, our auditors do a full scale inspection of every single piece.




Partnering with us means you’re supporting an amazingly talented group women and men and providing jobs to people who both need and deserve them. Not to mention responsible fashion. So whatever we can do to help you further your cause, let us know. Our knitters make excellent models.




This includes all the little extras - brand labels, size/care labels, hang tags, buttons, zippers and more. Development can take 30-60 days depending on complexity and back and forth. We recommend having all trims approved by the time the PO is placed to avoid any delays. Also keep in mind minimums are high (in the thousands), so we recommend consolidating where possible.



We have a great packing team that fully understands the importance of presentation. Stickers, barcodes, replacement button kits, folding styles - just let us know what you need.


We work with FOB terms, meaning we include costs up to delivery to the airport and we prepare all shipping documents. The brand should be set up to import, but if this is new to you, we can help connect you to reliable freight forwarders, get insurance and walk you through the process.