This is what we call skills.



A lot of what we produce is black belt skill level...

So our knitters are the best of the best. About 70% of what we produce is hand made (either hand knit, crochet or on manual knitting machines). For industrial knits, we source with knitters and small family run workshops that have made big sacrifices and worked incredibly hard to invest in their own machinery.

We are so proud of the people we work with. Their stories constantly inspire us to find new ways to share their skills with the world.




3-12 gauge knits

hand knits & crochet

manual machine knits

industrial knits

handspun yarn

jacquards, intarsia, and sooo much more


Product Categories


Scarves - Mittens - Hats - Headbands - Bags - Dolls

Kids & Baby:

Sweaters & Cardigans - Rompers - Pants - Booties - Blankets


Sweaters & Cardigans -  Vests - Skirts - Dresses - Accessories - Handspun yarn


Throws - Cushions - Wall hangings - Slippers


Ornaments - Pompoms - Gifts



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Mixed Techniques

Given our extensive artisan network, we can easily produce styles that have mixed techniques: crochet with industrial, manual machine embroidery. You name it.

Hand Painted Yarns

Each cone can vary slightly in tone, but we know the trick to ensure each garment looks consistent, even if it uses more than one cone.


Our auditing team does constant checkups,  as well as full scale 100% audits prior to ship, holding our knitting work to the highest standard.