Handknitting, responsibly.


Our Values

The mark we leave on the world and each other is of the utmost importance. We aim to always empower the people we work with and arm them with skills they will have forever.  Knitting as an art form is at the heart of what we do, along with a great deal of kindness.

Our practice involves working with Knitting Leaders that have formally set up their own small businesses. Each leader in turn has their own group of knitters or a workshop. We handle all communications with clients, all purchases of raw materials and decide which group is the best fit for each style based on skill and timing. Then we separate and distribute materials according to each group, allowing the knitters to primarily focus on their craft. Leaders are responsible for keeping track of their materials, as well as monitoring dates and quality. We consistently check in to make sure progress looks good and assist knitters with any questions or difficulties. 

We believe in empowering our knitting partners.  Therefore we work, learn and improve alongside each other. These men and women have often been excluded from mainstream employment. Enabling and supporting them to build business skills and manage formal paperwork related to their work not only strengthens their position in society, it also improves self esteem.

We believe our Knitting Leaders are the future, and they are the key to sustaining a traditional craft in Peru and supporting future generations.